Swift, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, HTML, CSS, Golang, Octave/Matlab, C++, C, SPARC Assembly, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows Desktop and Server, Vagrant, Docker, Git, Vim, Xdebug, PHPUnit, TeamCity, TypeScript, Grunt, AngularJS, JQuery, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

  • troubleshooting: distinguishing between symptoms and the root problem
  • memory: remembering the relative locations of objects, physically and conceptually

Experience - 10 years

Hulu, Seattle, WA

Software Developer | 2016.06 - current

Design, implement, and maintain client side instrumentation across multiple teams.

  • Foster inter-team relationships, which is critical for effectively working in multiple code bases.
  • Work to integrate third-party tracking tools and services such as Nielsen and Conviva
  • Write and maintain specifications for instrumentation. Implement new processes to improve documentation.
  • Assist others in answering questions about the business using the collected data
  • Act as a mentor and manage contractors

Simon Fire Edition v2

Software Lead | 2014.11 - 2016.06 (1.5 years)

Worked with a diverse team to create an interactive fire art game and sculpture

  • Designed the patterns used throughout each of the modules for the project using C++ and the Arduino IDE
  • Implemented a concurrent LED animation system on a single core processor. This allows for multiple animations to run on any or all strips simultaneously
  • Calibrated the capacitive touch sensors (MPR121)
  • Assisted in writing and reviewing grant applications

Daptiv / Changepoint, Seattle, WA

Software Engineer - Team Lead | 2014.05 - 2016.06 (2 years)

  • Designed and implemented a framework for API endpoints, updated existing endpoints, maintain legacy C#
  • Followed agile methodologies, pair programming, test driven development
  • Decreased build durations from 3 minutes to 15 seconds by migrating to Linux build boxes with Mono and Nunit Console to compile and run unit tests.

Barracuda Networks, Ann Arbor, MI

Software Engineer | 2013.02 - 2014.02 (1 year)

Maintained Barracuda’s enterprise backup solution, which had over 18,000 appliances in production. Identified and fixed bugs, logged into customer servers to troubleshoot problems, and worked with the support escalations team.

  • Drove the design and implementation of coding standards across all PHP teams.
  • Designed a path for migrating from PHP4 code to loosely coupled, testable, object oriented code.
  • Improved Windows backup speeds by 20% using database performance analysis tools, bulk inserts, and asynchronous database writes.

Software Architect | 2009.08 - 2013.02 (3 years, 7 months)

Created the entire software ecosystem for running the business, including setting up and maintaining all the computing systems that ran the software. Designed all the database schemas and tools to interface with the databases. Built internal tools for tracking and reporting on information about circuits, call data, customers, quotes, and inventory. Created customer portals for viewing specific information from internal databases, billing, ticket tracking, with logins and permissions.

  • Designed and created an object oriented PHP framework where modules could be created and imported into any deployment. It was written in PHP, jQuery, and MySQL, with Perl utility scripts.
  • Refactored code, designed processes for feature/bug tracking, testing, documentation, and version control.
  • Mentored a small team of software developers


B.A. in Telecommunication (2009)
Specialized in Computer Science and Video Game Development
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Coursera - Machine Learning, Stanford University | 2011

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